Let go of the history and dream for a good future

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by Zohra Poladli

On the way to Bakuriani… A Georgian folk song “Magnolia” is playing in the bus. I’m gazing at the snowy mountains and enjoying the music. Finally we reach our destination. The bus with the Armenian participants reached the venue just 5 minutes

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The Love of a Siren

by Meline Sahakyan

There was a little land on earth surrounded by water. The people living there were happy and friendly. They were lovers of music and dance, of art and crafts. No money existed there. Each day they gathered together and sang beautiful songs. One of them was playing the violin, another the piano, and a lovely small boy

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Через четыре месяца… In four months' time

by Ruf Ali Sultan

Говорят, через четыре месяца меня заберут в армию, служить. Служить родине. В чем же заключается смысл этого мистичного словосочетания ?! Почему в далеком прошлом люди гордились этим? Они считали это долгом каждого мужчины. А сейчас почему-то все изменилось, почему-то мы больше не желаем быть солдатами. Слово гордость в этом контексте не приемлемо. Исходя из реалий того

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The issue of the messenger and the message

by Sos Avetisyan

It is always hard to listen to something that is not what we want to hear, be it the truth, a lie, a semi-lie, a semi-truth, etc. We crunch, smile, argue, turn the back to the speaker, argue, argue again, bring examples, cite stories (necessary condition of the citation is its pertinence to the category of “universal

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