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Young people from Armenia and Azerbaijan talk about their concerns and hopes

First contact with Baku-team (Photo US Embassy Yerevan FB page)

While our planet is quite a few days into its next trip around the sun, The Neutral Zone – its authors and editors – would like to once again wish you and us all a peaceful year!

Enjoy the article (originally published here) of one of the participants of the Imagine workshops!

by Vachagan Gratian

In December, Imagine Dialogue organized

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Video Conference and Training Between Armenian and Azerbaijani Youth

DVC Training Baku 1

On December 20 and 21, the Imagine Center for Conflict Transformation organized a simultaneous training-seminar on conflict resolution in Baku and Yerevan. Young people on both sides gathered to discuss conflict resolution theory, Track Two diplomacy and how it can be applied to the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. The groups had a comprehensive discussion about the present day concerns and hopes of

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Thoughts of a Dying Enemy

by Hamida Giyasbayli

“War is a cowardly escape from the problems of peace.”

Thomas Mann, German writer (1875 – 1955)

The day is breaking. It is 8 a.m. on the clocks. The city behind the window already woke up. We’re sitting in my friend’s kitchen. Two days without sleep brings us to very strange topics of our

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Trainings in the Regions of Azerbaijan and Armenia

Vanadzor 8

by Maria Karapetyan, Hamida Giyasbayli, Veronika Aghajanyan, Zinaddin Babayev, Taguhi Ghonyan, Narmin Noqte, Mane Papyan

Photo courtesy of Mane Papyan, Llilit Yolchyan, and Hamida Giyasbayli

This fall, the Imagine Center for Conflict Transformation has been holding trainings in Conflict Resolution and Social Media in the regions of Armenia and Azerbaijan.




To expand the network of

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Photo of the Week #2

A Couple in Azerbaijan

by Jahangir Yusif

Just chilling in Baku, Azerbaijan…

Photo of the Week #1

Villiger of the Kiçik Qaramurad village of the Gadabay Rayon

by Jahangir Yusif

This photo features a resident of the Kiçik Qaramurad village of the Gadabay Rayon of Azerbaijan. Even today we can see traces of the bygone appeal in the man’s eyes and facial expression.

It Was Challenging To Talk About Reality In Imagine

By Tatevik Hayrapetyan

Certain events can cause huge changes in people’s worldviews. For me, “Imagine” Armenian-Azerbaijani Dialogue Program is one of such events, as it has really changed a lot for me in the way of understanding and analyzing the world and its phenomena. I could have never imagined that it is possible to talk with Azerbaijanis about our problems,

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From Soviet style brigades to present day volunteers in Azerbaijan- where we are with volunteering

By Arzu Geybullayeva

The concept of volunteering is a fairly new notion here in Azerbaijan. Unless you look at the Soviet period and the involvement of people, especially young people in various projects, community work and etc., through compulsory “brigade” style of work, volunteering in Azerbaijan is rather a new phenomenon.

Given the various

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